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Tree Climbing

Take a trip up a tree with Goodleaf Tree Climbing at Rock Farm Slane and enjoy a canopy experience like no other

What we offer

Our popular two hour experiences are the perfect introduction to the magical thrill of tree climbing. They’re fantastic fun and give you a great sense of achievement; we offer a memorable adventure that you’ll want to share with family and friends.

At Rock Farm Slane our qualified and experienced instructors will teach you the ropes (and the knots!), to enable you to take to the canopy of our stunning mature oak tree. You’ll be wearing the latest safety equipment including harness and helmet, and as you ascend through the branches, you’ll enjoy a view of the world from an entirely new perspective.

Once at the top enjoy a squirrel’s eye view of the Boyne Valley below, swing around at 40ft or simply unwind in one of our special canopy hammocks.

As long as you’re safe we’re very relaxed and there’s no pressure to climb – we’re on hand to make sure you have a fantastic time.

What to expect

Everything is put in place ready for you to have a great time. The tree is set up by us in advance and after an introduction and (short but necessary) health and safety session we demonstrate our tree climbing technique.

We make sure you’ve learnt the ropes (ahem!) close to the ground before you head up the rope into the canopy. Once in the tree top, you can enjoy a birds-eye view of the Boyne Valley! We have a couple of tree top hammocks and if you’re brave enough there’s time for branch walking and hanging upside down way above the ground!

You don’t need to be super strong to climb trees with Goodleaf, but using our special system and technique you will be climbing the rope and tree independently. Popeye muscles aren’t needed either, just a sense of fun and adventure.

Tree climbing with Goodleaf is about having as much tree fun as you can in a safe and friendly environment. We provide everything you need; all the equipment, instruction, supervision, insurance – we even provide a hot cuppa and our delicious climbers flapjack for you to enjoy after you’ve descended from 50ft up in the canopy.

About Goodleaf Tree Climbing at Rock Farm Slane
Rock Farm Slane chose Goodleaf as their tree climbing partner as they provide brilliant fun, high quality tree climbing experiences for the complete beginner as well as the world’s only independently accredited recreational tree climbing training courses for those who wish to climb further.

Available: April-October only

About recreational tree climbing
Recreational Tree Climbing (RTC) uses ropes and harness and ‘DRT’ climbing technique to ascend into the canopies of trees. Recreational tree climbing can be used for all sorts of things: exploration, exhilaration, education, research, exercise and fun.

Recreational tree climbing was started in the US by Peter ‘Treeman’ Jenkins who runs Tree Climbers International ( It’s been popular there for over 30 years and there is a yearly ‘Tree Climbers Rendezvous’ to which all recreational tree climbers are welcome.