We are delighted to be able to offer you first orders on our Christmas Food offering including organic turkey, ham, pork, beef and breakfast packs, which are available now to order at our weekly Farmer’s Market (Thursdays 3pm to 6pm) or via e mail:

Along with our usual organic bronze turkeys, hams, pork and beef this year we are also launching Keith Coleman & Aisling McHugh’s Gobblebox with all the frills of Christmas made easy with homemade brine, butter, glazes, cranberry sauce and recipe card to accompany your turkey or ham.

The Gobbleboxes are limited and will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis for those who order a turkey or ham at €35. So order now to avoid disappointment.

If you wish to see the full brochure with pricing on this year’s listings please click here: Rock Farm Slane Organic Xmas Food Brochure

Below we have given you a sample of the food on offer and you can use the order form in the above brochure to send us your order today.

COLLECTION DATES ARE 21st – 23rd DECEMBER or before 12pm on Thursday 24th December
We will also provide a collection point for turkeys around the Dublin area, please ask when booking your turkey.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

041 988 4861

Organic Bronze Turkeys
Rock Farm Slane organic bronze turkeys

Organic Bronze Turkeys & Hams

Organic Turkey
Our turkeys are certified organic Hockenhull bronze turkeys, which have been reared as free-range outdoor birds in our chemical free organic certified meadow grasslands. Bronze turkeys do well outdoors and by grazing them on grass with top range organic feed, we produce happy, healthy and well-flavoured birds for your Christmas feast.
This year’s turkey start at €68 for a 10 – 11 lbs . Preferred weights up to 20lbs (9kg) will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Organic Ham
We also have a limited number of dry cured hams (on and off the bone) for sale from the farm. This will be from our outdoor reared rare breed pigs and can be ordered on or off the bone. Our organic hams are low in salt (sodium nitrite level under 50 mg/kg) without added nitrate, phosphate or added water.
Minimum order weight for organic ham is 2.5kg off the bone or 3kg on the bone
€ 17.00kg bone
€ 16.00kg off the bone

Keith & Aisling’s Gobblebox

This Christmas we are delighted to have an exciting new addition to our Christmas food offering. Keith Coleman and Aisling McHugh joined the Rock Farm team in September this year and have taken our weekly Farmer’s Market from strength to strength. Given that we are still allowed to travel for essential items like food, you would be welcome to come and see the goodies that Keith and Aisling have cooked up or sourced from across the Boyne Valley and beyond.

The Farmer’s Market is every Thursday 3pm to 6pm and you can pre-order food for collection via Neighbour Food, Slane:

As a result of Keith and Aisling’s efforts we are delighted to offer our turkey and ham customers the Christmas Gobble Box at a discount with their orders.

The Gobble Box is all the frills of Christmas made easy. A perfect partner to the Rock Farm Organic Turkey and Ham, it elevates a simple preparation into something really special.

The box will contain:

  • a brine to ensure your turkey is moist and flavourful
  • a soy and whiskey glaze for your ham
  • a paprika and honey glaze for your veggies
  • a herb butter for the base of your stuffing, and
  • a really lovely cranberry sauce to finish the whole thing off

A recipe card which has been carefully thought out is included with each Gobble Box with short and sweet instructions and suggestions about what to use everything for and how to prepare for the ultimate Christmas feast.

To include this in your order please select Gobble Box in the order form below. It is normally priced at €39 per box, but if you add it to your turkey or ham booking, we will offer it to you at €35 per box

Fill in the order form attached and send to to confirm your Christmas order.

Tamworth pigs and Dexter cows
Organic outdoor reared Tamworths pigs and Dexter cows

Organic Pork & Beef

We will have a limited supply of our popular organic pork and beef including: pork chops, pork roasts Dexter top of the round or eye of the round roasts, steaks, burgers and sausages.
These are available to order on a weekly basis for collection at our Thursday Farmer’s Market (3pm – 6pm).
Our organic pork roasts start at €16/kg and chops start at €9 for a pack of 2 (455g).
Our organic beef roasts start at €15/kg and steaks at €23/kg.
Order for collection at Thursday Farmer’s Market »

Organic Christmas Breakfast Packs
Order organic eggs, bacon, breakfast sausages with your turkeys and hams
We are offering organic breakfast packs to accompany your turkeys and/or hams at a reduced price of €25 for:
Organic Breakfast Pack
1 dozen (12) eggs
2 packs of dry cure bacon (200g)
2 packs of breakfast sausages
Total including discount = €25

To order pork, beef or breakfast packs for Christmas please fill in the order form attached and send to

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