Christmas Orders for Organic Turkeys, Hams, Breakfast Packs & Roast Beef

Christmas Orders

Thanks for all the messages regarding your Christmas orders. Nobody wants to miss out on their Rock Farm organic turkey and ham – so we’re giving you the heads up early.

Organic Christmas Turkeys, Hams, Breakfast Packs and Roast Beef joints are all on sale at the online farm shop for collection from 21st December.

Collection is available from the farm between 11am and 4pm on 21st to 23rd December, or from collection points on the M50 at Malahide, Finglas & Sandyford on 22nd and 23rd December.

Please note we do not currently have any shipping or delivery options.

Place your order here, or read below for more information on all our products.

Organic Bronze Turkeys

This holiday season, elevate your Christmas feast with the exquisite taste of Organic Bronze Turkeys. At our online shop, we proudly offer certified Organic Hockenhull Bronze Turkeys, raised in chemical-free meadow grasslands as free-range outdoor birds. Our commitment to organic practices ensures that these bronze turkeys thrive in their natural environment, resulting in exceptionally flavourful, healthy and happy birds.

When it comes to pricing and weight, rest assured that we go the extra mile for our customers. However, please note that our turkeys are in high demand, and orders are fulfilled on a first-come-first-served basis. Don't miss the opportunity to savour the succulent, organic goodness of our Bronze Turkeys and make your Christmas celebration truly exceptional.

For more information on weight ranges and pricing, please click here for our online shop

Organic Outdoor Reared Hams

Minimum order weight:

2.5kg (5.5lbs) off the bone

3kg (6.6lbs) on the bone

Savor the exceptional flavour of our limited edition Dry Cured Hams, available from our herd of outdoor organic rare-breed pigs. These hams are a delight of the highest quality and distinctive taste. Choose to order them on or off the bone, according to your preference.

What sets our organic hams apart is our commitment to purity. With low salt levels, no added nitrate, phosphate, or water, these hams are genuinely wholesome. Pricing begins at just €20 per kilogram for on-the-bone hams, an option we highly recommend to provide fuller flavour.

Don't miss out; place your order here by Friday, December 8th to ensure the cut that you want.

Organic Pork & Beef

This Christmas, discover a delectable alternative to the traditional festive feast with our exclusive range of Outdoor Reared Organic Pork and Beef. At our online shop, we offer a limited supply of these premium cuts, including succulent pork chops, mouthwatering roasts like Dexter top of the round or eye of the round, tender steaks, as well as gourmet burgers and flavoursome jumbo BBQ sausages for Christmas week.

What sets our meat apart is the commitment to organic and ethical outdoor rearing practices. Our animals enjoy a life in the open, thriving in the natural surroundings of the Boyne Valley, which translates into a richer, more authentic taste. This holiday season, you have the chance to infuse your Christmas dinner with the distinctive flavours of our organic pork and beef.

To see the selections in-store, please click here

Organic Christmas Breakfast Packs

Make this Christmas morning unforgettable by savoring the natural goodness of our organic eggs, bacon, and sausages. To complement your turkeys and hams, we present a delightful selection that includes a dozen Organic Eggs, 200g of dry-cured Organic Bacon, and 2 packs of Organic Breakfast Sausages.

Our commitment to organic farming ensures that every bite is rich in flavour and free from harmful additives. These premium breakfast essentials are the perfect way to start your festive day with a hearty, organic meal.

Ordering is a breeze; simply visit our online shop and add the Organic Christmas Breakfast Pack to your basket before check out.

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