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Rock Farm Produce Available at the Moment

November and December 2020

Organic Meat

We have a variety of cuts available from our Dexter cows including; Fillets, Striploin, Sirloins, Rump, Rib-eye, Mince, Stewing Steak Pieces and our famous burgers. We are also working on introducing a range of Roasting Joints which will be perfect for a family to share. As we use the entire animal available cuts of meat change weekly.

Please contact to see what’s on offer this week and order early to avoid disappointment: Neighbour Food Slane

Organic Vegetables

As we are coming towards the end of our growing season we mainly have a nice variety of greens left such as Mixed Leaf Salad, Rocket, Parsley and Kale. We are also supplementing our range of vegetables with produce from other local organic producers to ensure a nice variety of produce available at our weekly farmer’s market.

Christmas 2020

Organic Bronze Turkeys & Hams **SOLD OUT for 2020**

Organic Bronze Turkeys

Organic Turkeys in Forest Garden at Rock Farm Slane

Organic Turkey
Our turkeys are certified organic Hockenhull bronze turkeys, which have been reared as free-range outdoor birds in our chemical free organic certified meadow grasslands. Bronze turkeys do well outdoors and by grazing them on grass with top range organic feed, we produce happy, healthy and well-flavoured birds for your Christmas feast.
This year’s turkey start at €68 for a 10 – 11 lbs . Preferred weights up to 20lbs (9kg) will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Organic Ham
We also have a limited number of dry cured hams (on and off the bone) for sale from the farm. This will be from our outdoor reared rare breed pigs and can be ordered on or off the bone. Our organic hams are low in salt (sodium nitrite level under 50 mg/kg) without added nitrate, phosphate or added water.
Minimum order weight for organic ham is 2.5kg off the bone or 3kg on the bone
€ 17.00kg bone
€ 16.00kg off the bone

Organic Pork & Beef

Tamworth pigs and Dexter cows

Outdoor organic reared rare breed pigs and cows

We will have a limited supply of our popular organic pork and beef including: pork chops, pork roasts, Dexter top of the round or eye of the round roasts, steaks, burgers and sausages.
These are available to order on a weekly basis for collection at our Thursday Farmer’s Market (2pm – 5pm).
Our organic pork roasts start at €16/kg and chops start at €9 for a pack of 2 (455g).
Our organic beef roasts start at €15/kg and steaks at €23/kg.
Order for collection at Thursday Farmer’s Market »

Organic Christmas Breakfast Packs
Order organic eggs, bacon, breakfast sausages with your turkeys and hams
We are offering organic breakfast packs to accompany your turkeys and/or hams at a reduced price of €25 for:
Organic Breakfast Pack
1 dozen (12) eggs
2 packs of dry cure bacon (200g)
2 packs of breakfast sausages
Total including discount = €25

To order pork, beef or breakfast packs for Christmas please fill in the order form attached and send to

Rock Farm Organic Meat & Seasonal Veg Box Collections


Rock Farm is now operating as a NeighbourFood collection point. NeighbourFood allows you to put together a shop from Rock Farm and other local producers and artisans, all of which is ordered and paid online before. You then collect your box on Thursday from 3pm to 6pm. Orders for Thursday are to be placed by Tuesday 11.55pm.

To become a member of the Slane NeighbourFood and Market join at

Alternatively, you can also use the order form available here to send an order in via email to

Order form for organic meat and veg



The Honesty Box

We will continue to sell organic eggs and vegetables, as well as the odd bunch of cut flowers and potted plants from the Honesty Box, which is located at C15 HF59. It is topped up on a daily basis from about 11am.

Please e-mail us on if you are looking for something in particular


Organic Turkeys and Hams

Rock Farm Turkeys and Hams

Organic Licence: 1109  (T/A Conynghams)

(T) 041 988 4861       (E)