Rock Farm Slane

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What is a Shepherd’s Hut?

Shepherd’s Huts first became popular back in old Victorian days and were mostly seen and used by Shepherds in England and Wales.  During a busy and demanding lambing season, farmers would stay close to their flock and be on hand.  Back then huts were made using whatever materials farmers had to hand but mainly wood.  If you knew a local blacksmith then metal was used.  The huts themselves provided the shepherd with basic facilities, a stove to keep them warm and cook food, a bed and a seating area whilst way from home minding his flock of sheep.  In Ireland, railway wagons were similarly used along many railways, and the railway men on the old Drogheda-Navan railway line used to stay out on the tracks or beside the points.  So they are not totally foreign to this area either.

Things have massively progressed since then – especially at Rock Farm Slane where we have created a luxurious space for you to enjoy.