‘Symphony of the Soil’ screening in Navan

Symphony of the Soil

The latest film from Deborah Koons Garcia, SYMPHONY OF THE SOIL, will screen at the Solstice Arts Centre Navan on Thursday 18th February at 8pm. Tickets are €5

SYMPHONY OF THE SOIL is a feature length film that explores the complexity and mystery of soil. Filmed on four continents and sharing the voices of some of the world’s most highly esteemed soil scientists, farmers, and activists, the film portrays soil as a protagonist of our planetary story. In a skillful mix of art and science, soil is revealed to be a living organism, the foundation of life on earth.

The film inspires the understanding that treating the soil right can help solve some of our most pressing environmental problems including climate change, dead zones, water scarcity and world hunger.

Symphony of the Soil has enjoyed a wide range of venues from international gatherings such as the World Bank Film Festival in Argentina and the International Convention of Soil Scientists, to local gatherings. It has screened at many conferences, food, farming and film festivals as well as hundreds of community screenings around the world. Irish screenings have taken place in October 2015 at the Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield in Dublin and Ballymaloe Grainstore. www.symphonyofthesoil.com

The upcoming Navan screening is being organized by Navan GIY(Grow it Yourself) and Lill Coyne of Gardeners Dynamic.


For more details please contact:

Claire Oakes(Navan GIY) 087-6760157 or Lill Coyne (Gardeners Dynamic!) 087-1343063


BIOG: Deborah Koons Garcia is best known for her 2004 film, THE FUTURE OF FOOD, which brought the issues of genetically engineered crops and the corporate control of our food supply to the world stage and helped jumpstart the organic/local food movement.

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