About Rock Farm Slane

Rock Farm Slane is a glamping, ecotourism and activity centre and organic farm on the Slane Castle estate stretching for 1.5km along the banks of the River Boyne. The long track to the farm takes in the views of Slane Village and the Hill of Slane beyond as you wind through fields of barley, agroforestry, cows, chickens and horses to the Limehouse Ecolodge beyond which has been built out of straw from the barley around us.

The Farm Office has a small shop selling meat and eggs from the farm as well as a few local “goodies” from the Slane Food Circle and other great local producers including ice cream, cheese and local veg.

From there you can stroll around to the Glamping situated in a woodland glade with spectacular views across the river valley to Slane Castle beyond.

Come and see for yourselves or if you don’t believe us, see what our guests have said about us: 

Family Portrait

Our Story

Carina and Alex Mount Charles founded Rock Farm Slane in 2010 when they took on Dean’s Farm or The Rock, as it was known as locally from Alex’s father Lord Henry Mount Charles. The farm had been in pasture and barley for many years and had not been inhabited in recent memory. Carina and Alex were keen to convert the farm to organic standards and move up there as soon as possible. They had enjoyed walking on The Rock for years before that and thought that part of The Slopes would make a great spot for outdoor based events. It wasn’t until their friend Charles Preston from LPM Bohemia suggested that they looking at yurts as an option for accommodation, that they began their first foray into ecotourism and glamping.

Meet the Team

Carina Conyngham
Countess of Mount Charles

Owner & Managing Director

About Carina ▼ 

Having completed the John Seymour School of Self-Sufficiency course with Will Sutherland in the Summer of 2008, Carina converted her cottage garden in the village of Slane into a 2 acre small holding with raised beds for vegetables, an orchard and rare breed chickens and Tamworth pigs.

After 3 years of trial and error and a good few organic farming courses, including Patrick Whitefield’s Permaculture Design Course,  Carina is now transferring her knowledge as small holders to the Rock Farm and have entered into the Organic Farming scheme to rear animals and grow horticultural products.

Carina has worked with troops of Wwoofers (World Wide Organic Volunteers) from all over the world since 2008 and has learnt what independent travellers and eco-tourists need and what’s on offer on the Slane Castle estate and around to make for an excellent holiday in County Meath.

Carina is also a qualified Energy Manager and has a Masters of Science in Environmental Technologies from Imperial College London. Carina is also responsible for the eco-building project at the Rock Farm.

Alex Conyngham
Earl of Mount Charles

Farm Owner & Director

About Alex ▼ 

Alex is the eldest son of Henry, 8th Marquess Conyngham who heads up the Conyngham family that have owned the Slane Castle Estate since 1703.

Alex is Managing Director of the Slane Castle Distillery which will be located on the other side of the River Boyne from the glampsite in the 18th Century courtyards next to the Castle. Construction on the distillery is due to commence in summer 2014 and will produce a range of Triple Distilled Irish whiskeys using barley grown by Alex in the fertile fields of the Slane Castle Estate that surround the glampsite. As a farmer, he is also passionate about rare breed animals and keeps both Tamworth pigs and native Dexter cattle on the organic part of the farm which provides food for both the family and guests staying on the Rock Farm.

Luciano Diez

Farm Manager & Campsite Services

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