Celebrate Elemental Ecstatic Dance & Conscious Breathwork this June

Come and join Sophie and Barry for an Elemental Ecstatic Dance & Conscious Breathwork, with Cacao. This will be such a unique experience. Imagine being part of the power, magic, coherence and beautiful ripple effect of people coming together to feel alive, connected and belonging as they dance, breathe and express themselves freely, either alone or together. The evidence on the healing and beauty brought to people, when they come together to connect and celebrate in this way, is endless. 

On arrival at Rock Farm, you'll be greeted by a warm and welcoming team of helpers who will guide you onto the land and into a community of open-hearted dancers.  "Silent-disco" headsets are provided. The intention is for this event to provide an outdoor space in nature to inspire the freedom to move under the sky and on the earth barefoot (optional). The Rock Farm's land is the perfect place to hold such an event.

What is Elemental Ecstatic Dance?

Through Elemental Ecstatic Dance you are guided to let go into your body, allowing it to move through shapes, gestures, movements and rhythms that DO NOT have to be perfect. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You might find 'ecstasy' within, you might find physical or emotional contractions to be released, you might experience a sense of union with the earth beneath your feet and the wild beings dancing in their own way around you. This is a liminal space, outside the structures of normal, in which magic and transformation can happen. After journeying through this elemental space, you are guided to the ground and gather back in circle with perhaps a quieter meditative mind. Here there is time to acknowledge how you’re feeling and share something of your experience with the group, completing this together before heading home.

What is Conscious Connected Breathwork?

People around the world, seeing the power of conscious connected breathwork, have used breath as a healing tool since ancient times. A conscious connected breathwork session begins with finding a place called resource (safety, love or comfort) internally (the body) or externally (someone or thing outside us) in which we connect to - and that we pendulate back to throughout the session - as we begin to charge up our body and cells with breath, allowing for any feelings of expression to happen through sound/voice, movement and emotional expression.

About Sophie and Barry

Sophie has a decade of experience as a full-time Ecstatic Dance DJ and Facilitator based in the UK. Sophie is known for her exquisite live DJ’d sound journeys and tender, deep-hearted vocal guidance holding playful elemental conscious dance experiences that inspire the body to express, release and reset. Sophie plays with tracks that create soulful resonances, cross-genre deep funky tribal beats and indigenous sounds, well-known remixes and ambient binaural sounds, all to nourish the heart.

Barry is best known for sharing his passion to help clients ignite the power of breath so they can arrive fully back into themselves. He is a Somatic-based Breathwork Guide creating space for his clients to reconnect with their body and intuition. He has a deep desire for co-creating a world in which people can find the true essence of their existence.

What to Bring/Wear

👉🏻 Bring some water/tea/snacks.

👉🏻 Wear comfy clothes you can move and dance in as well as waterproofs (just in case). If that happens to be pink sparkly hot pants, go for it, but pyjamas are also welcome! Wear layers and bring a warm jumper or coat to put on after. Sophie and Barry recommend dancing barefoot on the earth to release, heal and ground your energetics.

👉🏻 Bring a blanket or warm layers to keep warm as the sun sets and a mat if you want something to lie on outside.

👉🏻 Mug for Cacao.

👉🏻 This is a 'silent disco' style set up! Please look after the headsets as they cost around €50 each to replace if damaged. Do not place them on the ground.

👉🏻 Swimmers for the natural swimming pool or river.

👉🏻 A camping or yoga mat to lie on (or just the earth might be enough)!

To book your place at Elemental Ecstatic Dance & Conscious Breathwork, Click Here.


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